We are a one-of-a-kind manufacturing export house dealing in Handcrafted home décor and lifestyle products that integrate worldwide aesthetic with proper Indian craftsmanship. Primarily based in Delhi, the corporation now has over a decade of revel in within the handicraft and Interior Zone leans on the 3-pronged philosophy of ‘Quality, Product Aesthetic Value and On Time Delivery’


Nature décor

Cotton Quilt


Our Mission

The Indian Handicraft brand’s message has been adopted by the whole Ekansh Global team, and they all have a special affection for the intriguing home decor that can be seen all around India. We promise that even as our product range expands, we will never lose sight of the love for Indian Handicraft that drives every element of the Indian Handicraft brand.

Our Vision

To make products with the vision to preserve environment and 100% renewable power utilization to lessen dependency of our business on non-renewable strength.

To gratify our customer needs with endless options and engender goods that integrate value to our customer’s brand.  We will expand our inventory capacity to gratify the client’s custom design

To provide cost efficient best quality product with 100 % delivery afore deadline.

Culture at Ekansh Global

The center values of Ekansh Global incorporates of 3 standards: high-quality, product aesthetic value and on juncture convey, and feedback (receiving remarks from customers and reflecting our studies in our work). Ekansh Global is an Employee-centric company and firmly believes in looking after its employees cognizant efforts have prevailed made more proximate to engendering close-knit relationships with our personnel to avail them relax and bond and learn from each other’s mistakes.

Career at Ekansh Global

Ekansh Global works with top retailers and supermarkets across the globe. We have been in this industry for the past 5+ years, with profound cognizance and experience about the product. We have 2 units and are perpetually expanding our company. Apply and be a component of our sublime team.


New Collection

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Some feedback from our clients

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